How Temperature and Weather Changes Can Cause Water Damage in Your Home

Excess water can infiltrate and damage key structural elements of your home. Water warps wood, rusts and weakens metal, and enables the growth of dangerous mold. Normal temperature changes increase your home’s risk for water damage. Here’s how the weather report may affect the integrity of your home. Heat Waves Increase Your Risk of Water…

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3 Reasons Why You Should Never Remove Mold Yourself

Mold is a widespread problem in American homes. If you can smell or see mold in your home, you have a mold problem according to the CDC. Mold can irritate asthma and cause respiratory health problems, especially in vulnerable people such as the chronically ill, the elderly and small children. Mold is a serious problem…

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Don’t Wait To Get a Water Damage Specialist To Inspect Your Water Damage

As a homeowner, you’ve probably heard that water is a common cause of structural damage. Moisture can easily seep through walls, roofs, and floors from plumbing malfunctions, natural disasters, or simple mistakes. When these leaks happen, your home can suffer irreparable damage if you don’t call a water damage restoration specialist. What is Water Damage…

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4 Reasons to Hire a Professional To Repair Water Damage

When your home suffers a leak or flood, it’s crucial you act quickly to avoid severe damage. The sooner you contact a professional with water damage experience, the less your home will suffer. Here are a few reasons why you should trust a professional with your home. Professionals Have Water Damage Knowledge Water and flood…

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Mold Remediation After a Monsoon in Arizona

The rainstorms of the monsoon season provide many environmental benefits to Arizona, but day after day of rainfall can lead to a buildup of moisture in and around your home. Wherever there’s water infiltration for a prolonged time, there can be mold. Once you have significant amounts of dangerous or unsightly mold, you may need…

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