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Water Damage Frequently Asked Questions

What is the water damage remediation process?

Professional water damage includes cleaning up and removing remaining water after the damage has occurred. Then, your home or business will need to be dried out completely to ensure any lingering moisture doesn’t cause mold growth or additional damage

Should I call my insurance provider?

Yes, and we can also help you with filing a claim. Generally, insurance providers are most concerned with what caused the loss but will also need information regarding the extent of the damage and necessary remediation services for proper restoration.

How long will this water restoration process take?

The length of time water restoration takes depends on the type and extent of damage, the size of your property, etc. It may take anywhere from a few days to weeks.

Are there different kinds of water?

There are three types: black water, gray water, and clean water. Different water damage necessitates different remediation strategies. Clean water includes water from burst pipes or other water line sources. Gray water is water from an appliance like a washing machine or refrigerator and poses some risk to health. Black water is contaminated water such as water that contains sewage, groundwater, water from a river or sea, etc., and poses a high risk to health.

What are the most common signs of water damage?

Common signs of water damage include dark or wet spots on floors/walls/ceilings, the sound of running water, cracking or bubbling wall texture/paint/wallpaper, damp/musty/moldy smell, pooling water, and marked increase in your water bill, and more.

What should I do if I suspect a leak?

If you suspect a leak, it is important to have a water restoration company address potential water damage as quickly as possible. Water damage grows very quickly and is both dangerous structurally and for your health.

Can I clean up this water damage by myself?

Water damage can be extremely dangerous and untrained professionals generally don’t have the experience or specialized tools necessary to fully address water damage. It is best or your building structure and personal safety to hire a professional to remediate your water damage.

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