Follow These Three Tips to Avoid Restoration Scams

Unfortunately, these days bad people are willing to turn almost any situation into a scam for unsuspecting people in need. Water damage restoration is no different. Weed out scammers when searching for a contractor with these three tips. 1. Ask To See Their License Any legitimate contractor will be happy to show you their accreditations….

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Why Should You Schedule a Professional Mold Inspection?

If you suspect that your property has dangerous mold, it is important to take corrective action immediately. Determining whether an odor or visible growth contains mold is the first step in resolving your concerns and completing a comprehensive mold remediation. Testing Gives You Access to the Information That You Need to Respond Effectively A professional…

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How To Get Rid of Water Damage in My Home

Water damage in your home is scary. You may think, what do I need to do first? Do I need to fix the issue myself or hire a professional? Call a professional right away. Here are some reasons to let the professionals handle this situation. Experienced and Licensed Professionals Water restoration companies have trained professionals…

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How To Know If You Have Toxic Mold in Your Home

Finding spoiled food in the back of the fridge is one thing, but having toxic mold in your home requires professional mold remediation. In fact, there are up to 100 types of common household mold that can cause health issues. Unfortunately, it can sometimes be hard to spot. So what are some of the signs…

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3 Ways to Mitigate Flood Damage

If your home has experienced flooding as a result of a storm, melting snow, or a burst pipe, you have a lot of damage to deal with. Flood waters can cause numerous issues, including structural damage and mold, so you need to begin flood removal as quickly as possible. 1. Remove as Much Water as…

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