What to Do When You Have a Burst Pipe

Every homeowner dreads discovering a burst pipe in their home. Dealing with it quickly is essential in minimizing damage, but that is not always possible. When a pipe bursts, water rapidly floods your home and as soon as it does, water damage occurs and quickly lays the groundwork for mold and mildew growth. It is…

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Commercial Sewage Backup and Overflow: Why Immediate Response is Critical

No matter what type of business you operate, if there is a sewage backup or overflow, it’s a big problem. Not only is it unpleasant but it is hazardous because it may contain things like bacteria, viruses, and microbes that can cause serious illness. And, of course, depending on the severity of the situation, it…

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How to Remove Stubborn Pet Odor from Your Home

We all love our pets but there are few things worse than stubborn pet odor. Whether you have just moved into a home and there are lingering pet odors from the previous owner or you have pets that had accidents inside your home, one of the hardest things to clean and remove is pet odor….

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Hiring a Professional School Disinfection Service: What to Look For

School should be a safe and healthy place where children and adults can go to focus on learning and having fun. No matter what type of school, whether it’s an elementary school or a university, biological risks like germs, bacteria, and other hazards exist. Even highly stringent cleaning and disinfection protocols can struggle to keep…

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The Importance of Fire and Smoke Restoration After a Home Fire

If a fire breaks out at home, it is not only scary, it is one of the most destructive disasters that can happen to your home. Fires, whether small or large, cause various types of damage to the area that was on fire, as well as the rest of your home because it is not…

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