Why Water Damage Requires Immediate Professional Attention


Water damage is no fun for anyone, and delaying the cleanup will only make things worse. It’s important to get professionals on the job as soon as possible to prevent health risks and limit structural damage.

Health Risks From Water Damage

Mold is probably the best-known problem after a building has flooded, and it can grow surprisingly quickly, so you’ll want to have a professional inspection immediately to determine if remediation is required. Floodwater can also carry chemicals and sewage that can cause illness. Even if the water dries up on its own, you don’t know what sort of germs and residues may have been left behind, so professional cleaning is essential.

Structural Problems From Water Damage

Water damage can also cause big problems for buildings, but don’t assume nothing can be done. For example, professionals can save hardwood floors if we’re able to control the drying process with water extraction equipment. Professionals can also deal with damage inside walls (such as rusting pipes) and under floorboards.

Premier Restorations Can Help

At Premier Restorations our experts are committed to repairing your home and making it safe for you and your family. Our quick response times ensure that problems are solved before they get worse. If your home or office suffers water damage, contact us right away so that we can help.

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