When Should You Hire a Professional Mold Remediation Company?


Mold that you can see or smell may require professional remediation. Not only dark black and green mold require professional treatment. Here are some reasons why you may need to schedule professional remediation.

Mold Encompasses a Large Area

It may be possible to clean up a small patch of mold on your with household cleaning products. However, a mold formation that covers several square feet probably needs a professional mold remediation treatment. Cleaning a large area of mold requires the use of personal protective equipment and may involve a considerable risk of respiratory injury. Mold that does not cover a large surface in a single mass formation but is present throughout multiple areas within the same room may also merit professional attention.

Mold Formation Originated From an HVAC Problem

Failing to regularly clean an HVAC unit can result in obstructions that cause excessive water accumulation and leaks. Prolonged saturation in and around an HVAC unit can cause mold to spread throughout your home. An airborne mold spread needs treatment that involves running special equipment for at least 24 hours.

The Problem Keeps Returning

If you have tried to clean mold on your own and it returns, then it is time to bring in reinforcements. Mold that does not respond well to traditional cleaning efforts or makes a reappearance weeks later needs professional mold remediation.

Ultimately, you should be careful to avoid spending too much time deliberating whether a mold problem is really serious. All types of mold can represent a serious health concern, and most types of mold can spread quickly in relatively little time. Addressing a mold problem as soon as reasonably possible can mitigate the total amount of damage that it causes to a property and reduce the scope of work that will be necessary to remedy it. Contact Premier Restorations today for a prompt and effective solution.

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