The Do’s and Don’ts of Water Damage Remediation


Water damage is caused in many different ways, But the results are the same – destruction of property and loss of money. Whether caused by flooding or leakage in the walls, you need to take immediate action to minimize damage and costs. Follow these do’s and don’ts of water damage remediation, and you should be able to make good decisions that won’t cost you an arm and a leg.

Things You Should Do

  • Inspect and safeguard the area. Turn off the water supply, if needed, and turn off the electricity if it is safe. Determine where the water damage started. If there is a leak, protect any areas or furniture to prevent further damage.
  • Contact your insurance agency. Your policy may cover your situation. The claims representative will be able to start your claim and help you through the process.
  • Remove valuable items that are not already damaged. This may include jewelry, computers and important documents.

Things You Should Not Do

  • Don’t try to take care of the water damage yourself. Water damage remediation requires a professional to ensure the process is done correctly and prevent future issues.
  • Don’t delay getting help. Delaying the professional remediation process can cause more damage.
  • Don’t enter an area that has standing water. This can result in electrical shock.

Don’t delay getting help for your water issue. Contact us to discuss your options so that you can be back in your home or business safely.

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