Signs That You Need Mold Removal


Mold can build up for a number of reasons. Mold can be disastrous for the structure of your house and your health, so you should be aware of the signs that it is present. If it is, you should begin the mold removal process right away.

1. Color Change

If you notice a change in the color of the surface of a wall or cabinet, this may indicate mold growth. Common color changes include black, pastels, and white.

2. Something Smells Off

Some mold types give off a funky smell, although not all of them do. If you notice a pungent or musty odor coming from places in which mold commonly grows, there is a good chance you need mold removal. Common places for mold growth include bathrooms, basements, underneath sinks, and attics.

3. Water Leak or Flooding

If you notice a water leak, or if you experience flooding, it is a good idea to check for mold. Mold loves dark and humid areas, and it only takes 24 to 48 hours for it to begin to grow. A leak should be fixed right away, and flood damage should be dealt with immediately to minimize the chances of mold growth. Along with removing all the water, you should place out large fans and a dehumidifier to dry out the area and reduce the amount of moisture in the air.

4. Chronic Symptoms While in the House

If you or your family members tend to suffer from symptoms that go away when you are not home, this may indicate the presence of mold. Mold does not affect everyone physically, but some are more sensitive to it. Common symptoms include stuffy nose, red eyes, itchy eyes, or wheezing.

If you suspect you have mold, you need professionals to remove it because it must be done a certain way. Call Premiere Restoration to get a free estimate.

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