Restoring Your Home After a Flood


Though a flood can be devastating to your home, recovering afterward is not impossible. It does, however, require a swift and professional response to minimize flood damage and the risks associated with cleanup. Even minor water damage needs to be addressed as soon as possible, and floods carry additional hazards.

Effects of Flood Damage

Damage caused by flooding starts to set in within 24 to 48 hours of the event. Most apparent is the resulting structural damage, as flooring and walls warp and bulge. The waterlogged environment also fosters mold and mildew growth. A unique issue with floods, though, is the presence of contaminated water, often due to sediment carried in or the overflow of septic systems. In many cases, food and other items have to be disposed of due to exposure to harmful bacteria.

The Right Response

Alongside calling for professional water damage remediation, one of the first things you must do is document any damage caused by the flood. This is crucial for getting financial help from your insurer. Start with the exterior of the home and only go inside if you can be certain of your safety. Wear waders and rubber gloves when entering any still-flooded rooms and make sure to locate the fuse box and turn off the main power.

Remove all waterlogged furniture, carpets and other belongings — both to make cleanup easier and for potential salvaging of items. Upholstered furniture will need to be discarded, but plastic, metal and solid wood can be cleaned and sanitized.

Once water is removed by a sump pump and wet vac, all exposed floors and walls should be cleaned and dried. Dehumidifiers and fans help remove residual water. Even after all water has been removed, though, you should keep an eye out for mold for the next couple of weeks and act to remove it as soon as possible.

A professional flood damage removal team is invaluable for much of this, as they possess both the needed equipment and expertise for the situation. Premier Restorations serves Peoria, AZ, and the Salt River Valley area for treating water and mold damage, as well as sewage cleanup and fire/smoke damage. Contact us today for a free estimate and help with filing your insurance claim.

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