How to Remove Stubborn Pet Odor from Your Home


Pet Odor We all love our pets but there are few things worse than stubborn pet odor. Whether you have just moved into a home and there are lingering pet odors from the previous owner or you have pets that had accidents inside your home, one of the hardest things to clean and remove is pet odor. Often, homeowners try storebought sprays, steam cleaners, and other methods to try to get rid of those smells. Unfortunately, those well-intended efforts may end up just making the odors worse and damaging your carpet and upholstery. The sooner you can have affected treated, the better, but even old pet odor can be effectively treated and removed by professional cleaning services.

Pet Odor Removal: What You Need to Know

Liquids, such as pet urine, can penetrate your carpet and beyond, all the way down to the padding. This makes getting rid of stubborn smells particularly difficult for homeowners. Your nose may acclimate and the smell may diminish slightly but make no mistake – those odors are still there and guests in your home will likely smell them. Most store-bought methods of pet odor removal will simply mask the odor, not get rid of it, and that mask will eventually fade. And, if that same area is exposed to any moisture again, strong pet odors that had seemed diminished may return. 

The Science Behind Professional Pet Odor Removal

Most people assume that professionals simply use professional-grade steam cleaners to get rid of pet odors but there is more to it than that. And, if you have hired a cleaning service that only uses steam cleaning to treat pet odors, you should consider using a different company. The heat from steam cleaning can actually permanently bond odors to the fibers of carpet and padding. The reason that quality professional services are able to eliminate pet odors is the use of special treatments that attack and kill the chemical compounds in urine that produce unpleasant smells. Remove the dirt, bacteria, and unpleasant odors left behind by pets in your home, and have peace of mind that they won’t come back with a professional pet odor removal service. 

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