Insurance and Water Damage: What You Need To Know


Water damage is the second most common home insurance claim behind damage from wind and hail. Roughly one of every 600 insured homes makes a claim for water or freezing damage each year. Water damage remediation is necessary for homeowners (and business owners) to protect themselves when such wet calamities strike.

Does Water Damage Remediation Alleviate Financial Damage?

Water damage can come from any number of scenarios, including a burst water tank or pipe, fire suppressant systems or flooding. It often strikes suddenly and leaves behind a huge, expensive mess. By making sure that you have a water damage clause in your home or business insurance policy, any financial damage that is accrued should be covered. Because different parts of a home or business cost different amounts of money to repair, there is a wide disparity among claim amounts.

How Can Businesses and Homeowners Be Protected?

Coverage for water damage depends on the situation and the source. If the damage is sudden, accidental and coming from inside your home or business, you’re typically protected by a standard policy. If the water damage is the result of outside flooding or a neglected repair, you’ll likely not be covered.

How Do You File a Claim for Water Damage Remediation?

When your home or business experiences water damage, you’ll want to contact your insurance provider immediately. An insurance adjuster will help you to work through the claim. Your next step will be to document your loss by taking photos or videos of any damaged areas. As you work through your cleanup, keep samples of flood-damaged items.

When Should You Worry About Water Damage Remediation?

On any given day, water damage affects about 14,000 people and the average home and business insurance claims are over $10,000. Water damage isn’t something to simply worry about, but rather, it should be prepared for. Contact Premier Restorations today with any questions that you might have regarding water damage remediation and let us help you be better protected for tomorrow.

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