How Temperature and Weather Changes Can Cause Water Damage in Your Home


Excess water can infiltrate and damage key structural elements of your home. Water warps wood, rusts and weakens metal, and enables the growth of dangerous mold. Normal temperature changes increase your home’s risk for water damage. Here’s how the weather report may affect the integrity of your home.

Heat Waves Increase Your Risk of Water Damage From Floods

It may seem counterintuitive that hot weather increases the risk of flood damage to your home. Heat dries out the soil and leads to drought. However, dry soil is dusty and compacts easily, so it doesn’t absorb water like normal soil would. Unabsorbed flood water can damage your basement and foundation, making damage from a flood worse than it would be in reasonable temperatures.

Flooding in a home must be dried completely to prevent long-term damage. You may be tempted to just air out the furniture, but this is a costly mistake. Home restoration professionals have the tools and experience to dry the areas of your home you can’t reach and stop costly damage at the source.

Winter Temperatures Can Freeze Water in Pipes

Cold weather poses risks to your home as well. Water expands by 9% when it freezes into ice. This expansion is a powerful chemical reaction, and metal pipes can’t stop the spread. Instead, the pipes often burst under the strain, leaking gallons of water when you turn on the tap.

There are a few ways to prevent freezing pipes and water damage. These include:

  • Installing insulation in attics and basements that contain water pipes
  • Keeping the garage door or kitchen cabinet doors closed in cold temperatures
  • Leaving your home’s heating on a low setting while traveling during winter months

If your pipes burst, you’re experiencing a serious home emergency.

Call Professionals Quickly in Cases of Water Damage

Your home is too important to leave to chance. If you suspect areas of your home have flooded, call a professional. At Premier Restorations, we have the tools and experience to save homes from devastating water damage. Contact us today for a free quote.

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