The Importance of Fire and Smoke Restoration After a Home Fire


fire and smoke restoration If a fire breaks out at home, it is not only scary, it is one of the most destructive disasters that can happen to your home. Fires, whether small or large, cause various types of damage to the area that was on fire, as well as the rest of your home because it is not only the fire that causes damage but the resulting smoke as well. Once the fire has been stopped and you are cleared to begin repairs, it is imperative that you have professionals begin fire and smoke restoration in your home as soon as possible.


The Devastating Impact of a Home Fire: How Fire and Smoke Restoration Can Help


Fire and smoke damages everything in your home including your walls, flooring, carpet, upholstery, drapery, and more. Adding insult to injury, if your fire needed to be put out with water or foam, the water and foam may have stopped the fire while simultaneously causing additional damage. The purpose of fire and smoke restoration is to mitigate damage from fire as quickly as possible so that damage doesn’t worsen. For example, if water was used to put out the fire and the area goes untreated, mold could begin to grow, creating new problems to deal with in addition to the fire and smoke remediation. 


Don’t Move Back into Your Home After a Fire Without Proper Restoration


The last thing you should do after a fire at home is move back in without having it properly restored. The restoration process is incredibly important for the structural safety of your home, as well as the health and wellness of those who inhabit it. The fire can cause tremendous structural damage that may be visible and invisible, making your home dangerous for habitation. Smoke, soot, and the chemicals used to suppress the fire are all carcinogenic and dangerous for your health. And, if mold begins to grow, there are additional health risks. Although it is frustrating, the best thing to do after a fire is to be in touch with an experienced fire and smoke restoration company that can help you through the home insurance process and quickly begin working to restore your house to a beautiful and safe home that you love.

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