Extreme Water Damage Caused by Arizona Monsoons


Low-level homes are a great risk for flood and water damage. In the most extreme cases, the surrounding soil can wash away, destabilizing the entire home. Take special notice of your flooring, foundation, walls, and insulation if you have recently experienced a flood.

Flooring and Foundation

When water comes in, the first victim is carpet and wood flooring. It may be tempting to think that once the carpet is dry and the water is removed, the work is over. Not so. The pad under the carpet could be damaged, leading to mold and mildew. Wood that retains water eventually softens and rots.

Foundations can also be affected. Sometimes flood water is forceful or heavy enough to crack a foundation. You may think you’re out of the woods when the rain stops and the water recedes, but if you don’t hire an expert to assess the damage, you may be in for a costly surprise later.

Walls and Insulation

Depending on the high-water mark, you may need to gut and replace your walls and insulation. Some siding is more water-resistant than others, but the hidden damage may be inside your walls. If insulation is wet, it will not do its job properly.

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