Do You Need Water Mitigation, Water Damage Restoration, or Both?


Water infiltration, whether from flooding rain or damaged pipes, can cause lots of harm to your home. The services you may need to clean up and repair the damage – mitigation and restoration – are related and interconnected. How do you know which is required in your case?

Water Mitigation – Stopping the Cause

Mitigation is essentially a first step in dealing with water intrusion and damage. Water mitigation stops the water that is currently coming in. Initially, this can be just a temporary fix, whether it’s turning off the water supply or blocking an opening that’s letting water in. After all, the water has to be stopped from entering before it can be cleaned up. The removal of standing water to prevent further damage is also necessary for water mitigation, though this can sometimes be seen as the start of restoration. It is at this point that professionals like Premier Restorations can assess how much water damage restoration you may need.

Water Damage Restoration – Undoing the Damage

Water damage restoration or remediation starts the process of repairing the damage that has already been done and putting things back to normal. The location and size of the leak or flooding, as well as what types of surfaces were impacted, will determine the extent of the restoration you require.  Remediation starts with thoroughly drying out the space, not just by removing pooled water, but also by using fans, dryers and other equipment to remove as much residual moisture as possible. Dehumidifying the air in a space allows moisture trapped in walls and flooring to evaporate more completely. Once everything is as dry as possible, permanent repairs can be made to the source of the leak. Finally, damaged drywall, flooring and other finishes can be repaired and replaced, removing the final traces of water damage.

If your home or business has been impacted by leaks, flooding or any type of water infiltration, contact the experts at Premier Restorations for help with cleanup and restoration.

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