3 Reasons Why You Should Never Remove Mold Yourself


Mold is a widespread problem in American homes. If you can smell or see mold in your home, you have a mold problem according to the CDC. Mold can irritate asthma and cause respiratory health problems, especially in vulnerable people such as the chronically ill, the elderly and small children. Mold is a serious problem that’s too risky to tackle by yourself, so hire a mold removal expert.

3 Reasons To Hire a Professional for Mold Removal

Here are the top three reasons to hire a mold remediation professional any time you have noticeable mold.

1. Removing Mold Is a Major Health Hazard

When you try to remove mold, you have to be in an enclosed space with mold and cleaning chemicals for an extended amount of time. This doesn’t just make for an unpleasant weekend. Mold spores and cleaning fumes in the air can irritate your respiratory system and harm your health.

Proper personal protective equipment for removing mold is expensive and cumbersome. Professionals are better equipped than the average homeowner to remove mold in a healthy way.

2. You May Move the Mold Somewhere Else

Mold grows from tiny, invisible spores. If you try mold removal yourself, these spores can travel on your clothes. You may end up making the mold problem worse by spreading it to another part of the house and starting another mold colony.

3. The Mold Will Likely Grow Back

Mold grows inside walls and can sneak into crevices. Since mold spreads as it grows, cleaning all of the mold you can see won’t solve the infestation. Professionals know where to look to wipe out mold and stop it from growing back.

Where To Find Trusted Mold Removal Experts

The best way to fight mold is to stop it before it can spread and damage your family’s health. At Premier Restorations, we’re a veteran-owned business proud to make homes safer with thorough mold removal. Contact us today for a free quote.

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